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10 Man Real Madrid Defeated Ath Bilbao 4-2

10 Man Real Madrid Defeated Ath Bilbao 4-2

Spanish La Liga

10 Man Real Madrid Defeated Ath Bilbao 4-2

Real Madrid retain 2nd position at the La Liga table right behind FC Barcelona as they beat Ath Bilbao 4 goals to 2, Varane took a red card after elbowing Ath Bilbao player at the 83 min before the end of the game.

May we say that Zidane has finally come to stay at the Bernabeu stadium as the head coach ? probably yes, he is 5 games flat without a loss so far after taking over from Rafael Benitez few month ago.

FC Barcelona has two outstanding game to play, which means they stand the better chance to win the La Liga than Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the opening goal 3 min into the game with an assist from Karim Benzema, Rodriguez scored at the 37th min, Kross at exactly 45 min.

The second half was more  of open game as Real Madrid took a comfort lead in the first half, Varane later took a red card after elbowing foul committed at the 83rd min. Cristiano Ronaldo  scored the last goal for Madrid at the 87th min before the end of the second half.

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