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5-1 Aggre. Barcelona Exit Arsenal From UEFA Champions League

5-1 Aggre. Barcelona Exit Arsenal From UEFA Champions League

Premier League

5-1 Aggre. Barcelona Exit Arsenal From UEFA Champions League

5-1 on Aggre. FC Barcelona took a 2-0 lead back to the Nou Camp, and they protected that lead with ease, with a 3-1 second-leg win enough to cruise into the Champions League quarterfinals 5-1 on aggregate and send Arsenal packing.

On the other end, Arsene Wenger saw his Gunners booted from Europe’s top competition in the Round of 16 for a staggering sixth straight season.

Neymar scored in the 18th minute on a feed from Luis Suarez at the top of the box, and that was enough to put the La Liga leaders into cruise control. Alexis Sanchez had a chance to give the Gunners a lifeline as he met a Hector Bellerin cross on 39 minutes, but his header from the middle of the box was directed just wide of the far post.

Mohamed Elneny scored his first goal for Arsenal six minutes after the break to level the score, but Luis Suarez was there in the 65th minute to scissor kick the Blaugrana back in front. Theo Walcott hit the post soon after, but with the Gunners needing three more goals, it was too much for them to overcome.

Lionel Messi scored one of his own with nine minutes to go, and the match was wrapped up with a goal for each of Barcelona’s fearsome attackers.

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