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Arda Turan Hat-Trick For FC Barcelona vs B. Monchengladbach



Arda Turan Hat-Trick For FC Barcelona vs B. Monchengladbach

FC Barcelona Arda Turan took it all against German side B. Monchengladbach at the UEFA champions league group stage 6 match scoring hat-trick with one assist to Lionel Messi.

FC Barcelona took online one defeat against Manchester city away from home, against their former boss Pep Guardiola, as they finished strong in the group stage match with 15 points ahead of Man city in second position of the group.

Lionel Messi too the lead for Barca 16′ min into the first half with an assist from that Man of the day Arda Turan, the Turkish international and former Atletico Madrid play which for an unusual reason started the match today due to the fact that Neymar was absent due to yellow cards really made an impact.

FC Barcelona who were in more of a little shock after drawing 1-1 against Real Madrid over the weekend at home during the El-clasico Spanish La liga as Madrid stayed cleared ahead so far on the table.

Arda Turan scored the 3 goals in the 50′, 53′ and 67th minutes respectively before being substituted at the 74th minutes vy Cardona, it’s a day for him to definitely remember.

Suarez was unable to score today but gave one of the assist to Turan, it was a good game though for the home side, now they need to focus more with the La liga due to poor performance thus far.

Barcelona 4-0 Borussia Monchengladbach: goal highlights

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