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Arsenal Trash Sunderland 4-1 Away From Home – English Premier League


Premier League

Arsenal Trash Sunderland 4-1 Away From Home – English Premier League

Arsenal London Tops the English Premier League table after winning 3 points away from home against Sunderland.

The round 10 of the 2016/2017 season has kept the Arsene Wenger’s boys clear un-compared to last season’s performance.

Sanchez and Giroud scored the whole 4 goals for Arsenal London.

The Arsenal are doing so well at the moment both on home and international Champions league game thus far.

Despite drawing 1-1 last game against the Middlesbrough away in same tournament they bounce back with a tremendous victory against their opponents today.

The English Premier league has come to an era where there’s no more favourite team when it comes to winning. Other teams behind the Arsenals are Manchester City and Liverpool which would be playing their 10th round respectively.

It the above mentioned teams lost today would be an advantage for the Arsenal London.

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