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Barcelona vs Girona Complete Goal highlight – HD 6-1

Spanish La Liga

Barcelona vs Girona Complete Goal highlight – HD 6-1

Barcelona maintained 10 points clear Atl Madrid after defeating Girona at home 6-1 yesterday. With Suarez hattrick Messi a brace and Coutinho scoring 1.

FC  Barcelona team are in high spirit and winning trend except for the recent match against Chelsea away from home when Lionel Messi scored his first ever goal against the Blues as the UEFA Champions League last week.

They drew 1-1 with Chelsea and the return leg will not be easy for both side, a bit advantage for the home side with an away goal. It will be a tough match to watch.

Barcelona vs Girona Goal highlights

Girona sitting in the 9th position and will be hosting Celta Vigo at home next weekend while the Catalonians will be playing against Las Palmas. Girona Portu scored the first goal of the game 3 min into the game triggering the come back for the Catalones falling on them hardly like the rain.


Best of Suarez and Messi

Suarez Hat-Trick

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  • Best of Suarez and Messi
  • Best of Suarez and Messi

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