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Bayern vs Arsenal Champions League Goal Highlights – Video

Bayern defeated Arsenal in A 5-1 goal away

CAF Champions League

Bayern vs Arsenal Champions League Goal Highlights – Video

Germany: Bayern Vs Arsenal The difference is just time, 90 min will showcase who the winner is, it was a pressing first half for arsenal, Bayern is not a bet for Arsenal this time around.


Alexis Sánchez equalized the 1-1 goal before the first half, after they resumed it was a different game as Arsenal went home packing, miracle they say happens, but, i bet 1$ bill that it’s over for the red at home so does it apply to Barcelona with tiny chances.

Bayern Munich's Thiago Alcantara celebrates scoring their third goal as he celebratesBayern Munich’s Thiago Alcantara celebrates scoring their third goal as he celebrates

Champions are Champions but Champions loses at times

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