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Boca Juniors and Juventus Up To Finalize Rodrigo Bentancur Deals


Serie A

Boca Juniors and Juventus Up To Finalize Rodrigo Bentancur Deals

Boca president Daniel Angelici will arrive to Milan to meet with Juventus over a verdict that would bring Rodrigo Bentancur to Turin in the summer.

Last summer, it appeared that Boca Juniors were set to send prized Uruguayan Rodrigo Bentancur to A.C. Milan as reports indicated that Vincenzo Montella had requested him for his new look squad. Of course, the deal fell through and the Rossoneri went in other directions for midfield insurance. Now, it appears that the teenager will finally understand where his future lies very soon.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Boca Juniors president Daniel Angelici will arrive to Milan in the next few days to meet with Juventus over a verdict. The Argentine club wishes to reach an agreement with Juventus who have the first right of refusal at €9.4m for the 19-year old, a condition that was included in the sale of Carlos Tevez a few summers ago.

Angelici explained to Continental Closs that “in the coming days, I will be in Milan to meet Juventus. I have to speak with them because they have an option to purchase Bentancur and would like to exercise it.”

The president continued on to confirm that the relationship between the two clubs is strong and that a deal will be reached very soon.

Bentancur will stay in Argentina for the remainder of the season before setting off to begin life in Italy.

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