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Carl Ikeme Got Tested From Various Angles, Victor Moses Celebrates Win

Carl Ikeme Got Tested From Various Angles


Carl Ikeme Got Tested From Various Angles, Victor Moses Celebrates Win

The Super Eagle Goal Keeper Carl Ikeme was on the clean sheet until the Pedro took his chance to score the opening goal for Chelsea few munites into the second half of the game.

Carl did a good job when the defence can’t handle it the goalkeeper could catch only what he sees. Carl Ikeme played against his National team mate Victor Moses, Moses was unable to make a goal out of the clash today.

Victor Moses Celebrates Win

The both international players seem to be fully ready to clash with Senegal and Burkina-Faso from the 23rd of March 2017, both matches would take place in London.

The national team coach Gernot Rohr will be visiting London to as was said here in other to discuss with Everton, English-born   Ademola Lookman if he might decide to play for Nigerian National team.

Chelsea is in form now, meeting head to head with any team that comes their way, Liverpool FC was eliminated by Wolves from the FA cup weeks back, while Chelsea made a payback on their behalves.

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