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Champions League – The Benzema’s Goal That Changed The Game – VIdeo

Champions League - The Benzema's Goal That Changed The Game - VIdeo

CAF Champions League

Champions League – The Benzema’s Goal That Changed The Game – VIdeo

Spain: Napoli scored first but were sent packing after Benzema‘s header goal. Real Madrid seems to be having it all coming as they were sent packing from the Copa del Rey, clinging to both the Spanish Cup and hopes in the UEFA.

Real Madrid Vs Napoli complete goal highlights


It was a game they almost lose control too, the Napoli’s are everywhere vibrating throughout to make a name for themselves, but at home with Real Madrid is always difficult in all cases in such a stage.

Zeze Zidan is doing well, Bale was absent all along, but the team keeps making difference as he took over from the current Bayern Coach.

Napoli took a goal, away might be something different for Real, they have little chance to pass through, the Napoli’s would definitely fight back at home.

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