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Giwa FC Banned, Fined ₦5 Million By LMC

Giwa FC Banned, Fined ₦5 Million By LMC

Nigerian Premier League

Giwa FC Banned, Fined ₦5 Million By LMC

Ilorin: The League Management Company(LMC) came hard on Giwa FC yesterday as it slammed the Jos-based outfit with a N5 million fine and banned to Ilorin for their next three home matches because of fans trouble during their home game against Enugu Rangers at the weekend.

 Some supporters of the club disrupted the game severally by hauling dangerous objects on the field aimed at the Second Assistant Referee forcing the Referee to finally call off the match at the 74th minute.


The LMC in a statement yesterday said after a careful study of the match report and assessment of video evidence, charged Giwa FC for breaches of Rule B13.18, B13.21, B13.52, C9, C12 and C1.
And for the discontinuation of the match due to the unruly conduct of the supporters, Giwa FC was fined N5,000,000, while the match will be concluded behind closed doors from the 74th minute on Wednesday, April 27 at the Abuja National Stadium with scores at 1-0 in favour of Rangers.


The LMC issued Giwa FC with a Summary Jurisdiction Notice containing six separate breaches of the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) Framework and Rules and accordingly sanctioned the club on each count while the club’s Media Officer, David King was fined N100, 000 for breach of Clauses 1.1 and 1.5 of the code of conduct for club officials.


For failing to ensure adequate security, crowd control and preventing access by unauthorised persons to restricted areas, Giwa FC was found to be in breach of Rule B13.52 and the club was accordingly fined the sum of N500, 000 while for failure to control their players and officials, the club was fined the sum of N750, 000 in line with the provisions of Rules C9.


For the assault on the match commissioner and referee, Giwa FC was fined N500, 000 in line with Rule C12 while the club is further “required to ensure, within the next seven days, that in addition to the apprehension of one of the suspects, Goje, his co-culprit identified as Apiya is also apprehended and prosecuted by the relevant security agencies for assaulting the referee, failure of which a fine of N25,000.00 per day shall accrue, until such time the offender is apprehended and charged to court”. Giwa FC has 48 hours within which to indicate in writing the acceptance of the exercise of Summary Jurisdiction or elect to appear before a commission


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