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Iheanacho Equalises 1:1 Final Score for Manchester City against Celtic



Iheanacho Equalises 1:1 Final Score for Manchester City against Celtic

Kelechi Iheanacho equalises for Manchester City at the UEFA Champions league playoff against Celtic.

Pep Guardiola needs to step up his game or tactics as they struggle again to win against the out formed Celtic during the play off match a home despite the fact that they qualify into the next group playoff stage of the UEFA champions league final.

After losing against the Blues (FC Chelsea) 1-3 at home against the giant Italian tactician Conte at the English Premier league match pushing Manchester city down the table a bit as the seated 4th position with 30 points behind Liverpool FC.

Robert P. made a tactical ball movements through Manchester city’s defenders beating them through til he scored the first goal for Celtic 4′ into the game as he runs through to the flanks to celebrate his goal against Man city.

Nolito D, with a long through pass to Nigeria international Kelechi Iheanacho who ball through Celtic defenders with good control took a shot with his left foot the yielded the  equalizer  for Manchester city just 4 minutes differences from the first goal scored by Roberts of Celtic.

It was hoped that equalising early will lead to a comfortable win for the Man city, despite several attempt, ball possessions and attacks, the game ended 1-1 draw for the home side.

FC Barcelona finished strong from the group stage round 6 match of UEFA champions league match.  new draws would be announced this week as other teams would play tomorrow.

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