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Liverpool Signed 17 Year-Old Wales U19 International Ben Woodburn

Liverpool Signed 17 Year-Old Wales U19 International Ben Woodburn


Liverpool Signed 17 Year-Old Wales U19 International Ben Woodburn

Ben Woodburn Tweeted live expressing his delight on signing a new contract with Liverpool, after he pledged his long-term commitment to the club on Tuesday morning.

The youngster has signed a new deal which will keep him at the club until at least 2019, the club’s official website revealed this morning.

Trent Alexander-Arnold and Kevin Stewart were also presented with new contracts, keeping them at the club until 2021 and Woodburn admitted he was “very happy” to sign his latest contract extension.

The 17 year-old first came onto the scene during Liverpool’s pre-season campaign when he scored two goals against Fleetwood Town and Wigan Athletic.

The exciting forward lined up against senior stars, Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane, Emre Can and Danny Ings and did not look out of place despite his youth.

Ben Woodburn has played as part of Michael Beetle’s under-23s squad this season and has been in sublime form, scoring four goals and grabbing five assists in just eight Premier League 2 appearances.

He already has international experience, representing Wales under-19s is still eligible to play for the England national squad should he want to.

The forward has been with the academy since the age of six and this contract marks his first professional deal with the club.

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