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UEFA: Chelsea Lost 2-1 To PSG

UEFA Chelsea Lost 2-1 To PSG

Ligue 1

UEFA: Chelsea Lost 2-1 To PSG

PSG won the first round of Champions League play off against Chelsea at home taking on home advantage against the London Blues.

It was an interesting game from both side as Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored the opening goal for the night  after Mikel Obi tripping against PSG forward, booked with yellow by the referee.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic took a direct free-kick shot deflected on Mikel Obi, beating the Chelsea goalkeeper Courtois. At the exact 45+1 min, Mikel Obi strikes equalizing 1-1 for Chelsea, from a corner-kick from Willian.

Mikel Obi celebrate goal against PSG

Edinson Cavani came in substitute for Lucas at the 74th minute as he scored the winning goal at the 78th minute with a pass from Di Maria.

PSG took charge of the game at the second half, but Chelsea at the other hand, tries to defend more, the second leg face of the game will be coming up in 3 weeks from now, would Chelsea with the current form emerge through to the next stage of the Champions League? Possible yes..

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