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Warri Wolves Place $2m Bid For Oghenekaro Etebo

Nigerian Premier League

Warri Wolves Place $2m Bid For Oghenekaro Etebo

 Warri Wolves of the Nigeria Premier League have placed a staggering $2 million on U23 midfielder Oghenekaro Etebo.

Oghenekaro Etebo was stand-out performer as Nigeria clinched the U23 AFCON in Senegal last week. He was top scorer at the championship with five goals and has been nominated for the CAF Most Promising Talent of this outgoing year.

Several clubs are already queuing up for the exciting attacking midfielder including Egyptian double champions Zamalek.

Two top Tunisian clubs are already willing to join the race for the players, it was further gathered.

“Top officials at the Delta Sports Commission have demanded for $2 million as transfer fee for Etebo,” according to reports

Oghenekaro Etebo, who has previously undergone trials in Italy, has been capped by Nigeria at full international level. In his rookie season, two years ago, with his hometown club he netted 16 goals and this past season he fired five goals as Wolves finished runners-up behind champions Enyimba.

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